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Below you will find a description of the projects Simpact is supporting. Those projects are carefully chosen to have high social impact on issues that we find important at Simpact. We are matching these projects with businesses. If you want to commit to Simpact to support any of our projects or if you have suggestions about other projects we should support feel free to send us a message.

Plastic Soup Foundation


That is the mission of the in 2011 founded Dutch Plastic Soup Foundation. According to the international press, we are now ‘One of the leading advocacy groups to tackle plastic pollution.’ We do not get plastic out of the water. We want to put an end to the increasing pollution of the seas and oceans with plastics. We want to prevent even more plastics entering the sea in the future. For that, we have the following strategy:

Be aware: The Plastic Soup Foundation constantly draws attention to plastic soup through campaigns, news articles and social media.

Get educated: Anyone who wants to find out more about plastic soup is in the right place when they come to us. For instance, the Plastic Soup Foundation develops educational programs for primary schools and secondary schools.

Find solutions: The Plastic Soup Foundation stimulates all possible (innovative) solutions, which help tackle the causes of plastic soup at source. Measures, which prevent plastic entering the environment, water and eventually ending up in the sea, have the greatest impact in our opinion.

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The global efforts are not going to be sufficient to keep global warming and its dramatic effects – such as spread of infectious diseases like dengue fever, more frequent and stronger floods and droughts – under control. Global emissions must peak at the latest by 2020 and the excess carbon dioxide must be removed from the atmosphere now. A simple solution exists that will buy us time until a low carbon economy is available everywhere. Healthy and growing forests remain the best technology for removing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Our vision is a world where communities and nations sustainably manage forest landscapes and natural resources to address climate change, enhance livelihoods, increase resilience and safeguard biodiversity.
Our mission is to advance innovative, scalable and lasting solutions to restore forest landscapes for climate, people and planet.
Our values: integrity. Transparency. Teamwork.
Our goal is to make sure forest landscape restoration best practices, tools and supportive policies are being effectively used to deliver globally agreed targets.

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Help a Child

Help a Child is a Christian, international development organization, founded in 1968 in The Netherlands. Help a Child provides a future for children in need, their family, and their entire community. By empowering vulnerable communities, they help them to change their own living conditions and opportunities in a sustainable way.

Help a Child works in areas with a high incidence of poverty or in places where children and families are extra vulnerable due to disasters or (imminent) conflicts. They work together with various Dutch, international and local partners. Help a Child works across India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, Malawi, Burundi, Rwanda, DRC, Uganda and South Sudan. In cooperation with knowledge organizations, capital funds and institutional donors like DFID and EU Help a Child develops innovative programs, for example about youth & work, mother and child care and the transition of relief help towards sustainable development. Besides that Help a Child is supported by a broad constituency of individual sponsors, churches, foundations, companies, and schools.

The community development programmes that Help a Childs carries out together with others last seven years on average. To attain the above objective, a big change is required in a short space of time. How does Help a Child achieve this? Their answer to this question is set out in detail in their Theory of Change

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