Help a Child, no less than 50 years of working with impact.

Fifty years of helping children to grow out of poverty. That is the milestone we are looking back on this year. Our review of 2017, as contained in our annual report, is thus broader in scope than usual, spanning no less than 50 years of working with impact.

Impact is more than results alone. But in what sense exactly? Results are the things we count. The activities we carry out with the funds entrusted to us by our supporters: individuals, families, churches, schools, businesses, and foundations.
We also receive subsidies from government agencies to conduct our programmes. We account for our results in various ways, including in this annual report. For instance, there are now 2,461 self-help groups and 370 youth groups up and running, and we have helped 169,937 children. These are the results we express in concrete numbers.

However, impacting lives – our ultimate objective – goes a step further. Impact is the sustainable change in the lives of the children and families we help. It is something that can only be measured long after our help on the ground has stopped. This is why in 2017, for the occasion o our 50th Anniversary, a synthesis evaluation of our child centred community development programme was done.

And we want to have even more impact on the most vulnerable children. At the same time, we know one thing with absolute certainty: everything we do, everything we have been allowed to achieve and everything we have planned for the future is entirely dependent on the blessing of our God and Father in Heaven.

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Article Credit: Andries Schuttinga, CEO Help a Child
Image Credit: Marjan van der Lingen (