For Developers

Use of Software

We provide both a WordPress plugin for Woocommerce and an API.

WordPress plugin:

Our WordPress plugin can be integrated in your webshop within a few minutes. Just follow the steps below and your webshop will be connected to a charity.

  • Login into your WordPress acount and go to Plugins -> Add New
  • Search plugins: Simpact for Woocommerce
  • When you have found Simpact, click on ‘Install Now’ & ‘Activate’
  • Click on ‘Simpact’ in the menu on the left and fill in the provided API-key in the configurator.
  • Simpact will now show up in the checkout of your store!


If you are not using wordpress, or if you want more customisation options, our API is the way to go. We can integrate the API in your store together! We will provide you with a style guide and can help you when necessary.



WordPress Plugin:

The plugin is smart and knows where to place the plugin in your store, the currency you are using and it even knows the style of your webshop. However, every webshop is different and therefore we offer customization options.

Go to Simpact -> Configurator to change all of this.


It is a basic API so do not be surprised about how easy it is to integrate Simpact in your shop.

The API will give you a lot of freedom for customisation. The developer(s) of the webshop can easily integrate the API into your system. In the style guide you can find examples, but you are free to change the layout of our feature to your own preferences within the boundaries of the style guide. See the image below for an example of how Simpact could look like in your checkout page.