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Our Mission

What we aim to achieve

Together with your help, Simpact aims to have a collective positive impact on the world. By bringing together NGO’s and the rapidly growing e-commerce sector we strive to raise more money and awareness for important social and environmental projects. We always help our partners with supporting the causes that are closest to their heart. 

We aim to be the connecting element between companies and consumers to help them give back to our world. Together many webshops and customers can make a major difference.

How We Work

What we do

We offer simple solutions to webshops, which enable them to help raise money for charity projects together with their customers. In the checkout of these webshops, consumers get the option to donate a small amount to one of our non-profit partners. Since Simpact stands for giving back together, our partner-businesses always double the donations of their clients. 

These charity projects are always directly related to the company’s brand values and the products they sell. By offering the big reach of their e-commerce platforms, these webshops help us raise money for important causes. Not only do these companies help in this way, they also help by supporting these same causes with extra awareness and/or financial support.

We only work with companies that are committed to actively support a good cause and match them with one of our non-profit partners. By doing this we create a network of companies that share the philosophy of doing business in a responsible way.


Donating Customer

Simpact gives conscious online shoppers the option to donate small amounts to charity projects that are related to their purchase. Webshops who give their customers this option are also supporting these same projects by doubling the donations of their customers. Next to that, they can also support in the form of extra awareness, voluntary work and extra financial support. On the Simpact site you can read all about the projects you can donate to and find out more about the results of the campaigns of our partner webshops.

You can also choose to make an account at Simpact to keep track of all your donations and soon you will also be able to share your donations with friends and hereby spread the movement of giving back and create extra awareness for the causes you support.

As an individual, there are several benefits of donating with Simpact while shopping online. Some of these advantages are listed below:

  • You can give back to our world in an easy way.
  • We always ask for small contributions.
  • We are transparent about what we do with your donations.
  • You are not attached to anything. Just one time donations, as easy as one click!
  • Your donations will be directly related to your own purchases.
  • You will have one centralised platform to read about all the projects you have contributed to.
  • With Simpact you will have a collective positive impact together with many more conscious online shoppers.

Thank you for your support! It is your donations that enable our non-profit partners to do their great work.



Simpact makes it easy for companies to work on their corporate social responsibility and to give back to our world with their business and its customers. We help you with setting up a campaign and selecting the right project(s) to support. Simpact combines the efforts of many businesses and their customers to reach bigger goals than they could have reached alone. 

As a business, being part of the Simpact network stands for supporting a good cause together with your customers. The minimum commitment that is required from businesses is doubling the donations of their customers, but there are many other ways for our partner-businesses to support a non-profit which they can integrate into their way of doing business in a sustainable manner. 

By offering this service to many webshops we are able to combine the donations of a big group of people and therefore are more efficient in handling these donations and the administrative tasks that are attached to them. This saves work for large webshops and also enables smaller webshops to take part.

As a partner of Simpact you can be proud of our collective achievements and the resulting positive impact on our world. Read more under Webshops and join our network of businesses who give back together with their customers!


Who We Are

A short introduction

The team at Simpact consists of two young entrepreneurs who want to change the world. When airlines introduced the possibility to compensate for your own CO₂ emissions we asked ourselves whether this is not possible for other purchases. Everyday we all consume a lot of products that are still polluting our environment in one way or another. Even products that are made with a lot of care for the environment, will not end up at our doorsteps without any pollution. We wanted to make it easier to reduce this negative impact of our own consumptions. But why limit it to only reducing your negative impact? You can have a positive impact during shopping as well! This is how the idea of Simpact came to life. We want to make it easier to give back to our world while shopping online.

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